Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters


Location - Omaha, NE
Size/Capacity - 30,100 sq. ft.

Project Info

Client - Salvation Army Western Divisional Headquarters
Category - Commercial | Religious

Anticipating the relocation of administrative offices for their Western Divisional Headquarters, the Salvation Army purchased two adjacent existing buildings in Omaha and planned an extremely aggressive schedule to renovate the buildings. Prochaska & Associates met their needs with a fast track approach for the design and construction of the interior office space. P&A conducted interviews with all department leaders, developed a comprehensive Program of Spaces, planned three floors of the primary building, and planned a single floor for the adjacent support building. All work had to be approved through the Army’s corporate headquarters. P&A arranged interviews with contractors for an early start on construction and released an early demolition package for their use. A special feature of the building is a new large opening cut through the existing building’s second floor slab, creating an open, two story lobby space. An open stair allows visibility and convenient access to the second floor. The concept of transparency was very important to the Army in the design of the headquarters, and open areas of work stations helped to physically accomplish this goal, along with the use of glass in enclosed offices.