Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church and School


Location - Omaha, NE
Size/Capacity - 7,748 sq. ft.

Project Info

Client - Mt Calvary Lutheran Church

Prochaska & Associates developed a 3 phase Facility Master Plan for the 300 member Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church and School.  Congregational priorities included increased parking, access for the disabled, elevator, new accessible toilets, an expanded narthex, a 7th and 8th grade classroom, improved office access and a multi-purpose room. This three phase Master Plan allows the congregation to address their priorities as their limited budget permits.  A small two story Phase 1 addition and renovation project resolved their most pressing concerns of parking, disabled access, and accessible toilets, while respecting the historic beauty of the existing church.  A raised beacon of light incorporates stained glass windows displaced due to the addition, which ties the new and existing architecture and highlights the church to passing vehicles.