Millard West High School


Location - Omaha, NE
Size/Capacity - 44,800 sq. ft.

“I would provide my highest recommendation for the services of Prochaska & Associates”

Rick Kolowski – Former Principal

Project Info

Client - Millard West High School

Prochaska & Associates was hired to design a significant Classroom and Band Rehearsal addition for Millard West High School, as part of a Millard Schools district-wide Bond Issue. The district had experienced steady growth, and the original high school facility was only 11 years old.  The Classroom Addition consists of a 44,800 square foot, two-story area housing primarily science and mathematics, with an internal tornado shelter, while the Band Addition provides 4,580 square feet of larger and upgraded spaces for band, choral and orchestra rehearsal. Mechanical, electrical and fire sprinkler systems were extended and the central plant was augmented for the additions.  It was important to maintain the same materials in the additions as were used in the original facility, which included concrete block interior and exterior walls, vinyl tile flooring, suspended acoustic tile ceilings and brick veneer exterior surfaces.