Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department


Location - Plattsmouth, NE
Size/Capacity - 8,770

“Plattsmouth is proud of the new Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department facility.”

Ervin L. Portis – City Administrator

Project Info

Client - City of Plattsmouth

The Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department, located in the historic downtown district of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, sought to expand their existing facility with the anticipation of becoming a full-time, paid-staff fire department sometime in the future. Looking to accommodate the growing needs of the city, a two-story addition was set to the east of the existing building, providing public meeting rooms and staff offices on the first floor and housing sleeping quarters, a dayroom, and an exercise space for the firefighters on the second floor.

While working within a tight budget, an effort was made to fit into the historic downtown context by using both brick and precast concrete to create a classically-oriented structure, thereby giving the fire station a fresh new identity.