Florence Elementary School


Location - Omaha, NE
Size/Capacity - 11,400 sq. ft.

Project Info

Client - Omaha Public Schools

The Florence Elementary School, a completed project of substantial architectural and plumbing renovations, new lighting, an entirely new mechanical system, and a Boys and Girls Club Addition.  The original 1962 windows were replaced in their entirety and the existing crawlspace was modified and expanded, providing a concrete reinforced storm shelter for the entire student body. The restrooms were updated to meet current grade school design standards and ADA requirements. Energy efficient LED lighting was used throughout the facility, and a new 11,400 square foot Boys and Girls Club Addition provides greatly expanded activities and services for students outside of normal school hours.

 The mechanical system for the Florence School was completely replaced, with a water-source heat pump system replacing window air-conditioners and the 56 year old hot water boilers. Outdoor ventilation air is conditioned and distributed throughout the building by state of the art rooftop units that heat or cool and dehumidify the ventilation air to a “room neutral” condition. The end result is an easily maintained, extremely energy efficient facility that was awarded a $13,400 energy rebate from OPPD.