The Fountains Ballroom


Location - Glenwood, IA
Size/Capacity - 15,939 sq. ft.

Project Info

Client - The Fountains Ballroom

The Fountains Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding and reception venue which opened in August 2007 north of Glenwood, Iowa.  The ballroom was largely gutted by a fire in December 2008, leaving little more than a shell of a building.  With customers already scheduled for their special events, the owners were determined to re-open as soon as possible.  Prochaska & Associates helped them achieve a full restoration of the ballroom on an extremely tight time frame.  Once under way, it took a team of contractors about 11 weeks to complete the work, sometimes with more than 100 workers on site.  Fortunately, with this fast turnaround, many couples were able to use the facility as planned.

In addition to the ballroom gathering space, the building also includes offices, a bar, specially appointed rooms for brides and grooms, and living space for the owners and tenants.