Pony Creek Nature Center


Location - Pacific Junction, IA
Size/Capacity - 7,000 sq. ft.

Project Info

Client - Mills County Conservation Board
Category - Educational | Government

Pony Creek Nature Center is a new educational facility built in Pacific Junction, Iowa, near Glenwood.  Placed in a beautiful wooded setting on a sloping hill overlooking a pond, the nature center is a destination for school children, campers, naturalists and people who love the outdoors.  The building features a gallery area of terrariums, aquariums, taxidermy, and other natural displays to spark an interest in the natural wonders of Iowa.  A large classroom is provided for presentations, and an expansive outdoor deck provides views to the pond below.  A distinctive element of the building is its scale-like exterior cladding, which sheds water similar to the scales of a fish or reptile.  This feature is used as an educational tool for classes visiting the facility.  The conservation staff have offices, a mudroom and a workroom within the building along with a partial walkout basement for storage space.  The approximately 7,000 square foot project was developed by the Mills County Conservation Board.