Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District


Location - Dakota City, NE
Size/Capacity - 9,400 sq. ft.

“From the standpoint of the Papio-Missouri River NRD, we are most satisfied with the service provided by Prochaska & Associates in all phases of the project.  Not only was the building built on budget, but the professional services fee were also provided on budget.”

Steven G. Oltmans – General Manager

Project Info

Client - Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District
Category - Commercial | Government

This new building for the Natural Resources Center in Dakota City, Nebraska, was developed to provide a central location that would better serve customers of the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District and the USDA.  With the Papio NRD’s Rural Water Offices and the USDA’s NRCS and FSA, the facility meets the space and technical needs of these agencies far into the 21st century.  The building also accommodates a break room, shop and drive-up window for the Rural Water Offices, public restrooms, and a public meeting room that can hold approximately 75 people.

The 9,400 square foot building has a wood frame structure with brick veneers and fiberglass/asphalt roof shingles.  The HVAC system consists of six furnace/AC units with individual thermostat controls, providing a simple, straight-forward approach for temperature control for various areas within the facility.  An energy recovery ventilator is also included which provides outside air to the furnaces and exhaust for the restrooms.  The mechanical equipment is placed on a mezzanine platform above the restrooms, leaving the main floor open for a very flexible layout.  Interior finishes include painted walls, ceramic tile floors and walls, carpet in the office areas, and vertical blinds for window treatment.

Construction of the facility was completed within eight months, meeting the NRD’s due date.