Omaha Fire Station No. 63 – Millard


Location - Omaha, NE
Size/Capacity - 8,500

Project Info

Client - Millard Suburban Fire Protection
Category - Fire Station

Determined to reduce the construction cost of its new facilities without sacrificing functional performance, the Omaha Fire Division challenged Prochaska & Associates to design a new generation fire station. The resulting 3-bay facility is the product of literally hundreds of hours in planning, programming, and design consultation with Omaha Fire Division officials. A new facility design standard was established while conforming to strict budgetary guidelines and performance criteria.

Conventional but durable building materials coupled with clean, simplified construction details exhibit creativity and economy combined. Through-wall brick masonry bearing walls support both wood and steel truss roof structures clear spanning living and apparatus rooms respectively. Gable roofs with asphalt/fiberglass shingles and clad wood windows add color and facade interest while minimizing long term maintenance. Masonry interior partition walls and vinyl tile flooring assure wear resistant finishes while adding pattern and texture to living spaces.