Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center


Location - Sioux Falls, SD
Size/Capacity - 14,000 sq. ft.

Project Info

Client - Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Following an extensive planning and review process, the VA has completed work on a new clinic entry addition and renovation project.

The new single story addition to the facility incorporates approximately 14,000 square feet of space which includes clinical exam rooms, a special procedure room, information resources and educational rooms, additional waiting, an information counter and vertical circulation to an existing roof garden.

The construction is concrete slab-on-grade with exterior poured-in-place perimeter walls clad with slate.  The project’s entrance features and undulating exterior window wall system, alluding to a flag proudly waving in the wind.  The structural skeleton is steel columns and beams with a single-ply EPDM roof membrane over rigid insulation and metal deck.